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Sports Physicals


4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

(Source: District Calendar )


All athletes going into 7th - 12th are required to have a physical to participate in any sport, including dance and cheer. Physicals are free, forms can be picked up from Nurse Shawn, Coach Carmikle or printed off the athletic website page. Passing out numbers and the nursing part of the exam will start at 4:00, must be in line in the gym by 5:30. Parents will need to fill out the front of the form prior to arriving at the check in table for a number and sign it. Student will not be given a number unless form is completely filled out and signed by parent. ATHLETES: Do not drink energy drinks/Mountain Dew the day of physical. Do not come straight from exercising/practice. Wait until you are rested. Both of these could cause you to not pass the physical! This happens every year!