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We have a policy change this school year for grades 5th thru 12th. If you child is going to carry their inhaler and or an epipen with them on campus you must also provide the nurse with one to be kept in case the one the student is carrying cannot be found or is not working properly. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call me. 

This year we have decided to post the Magnet Cove Elementary Class Lists Online for 1st-4th grade! I know students are looking forward to finding out which teacher they will have and who will be in their class this year! We have worked in collaboration to strategically place students into classes that will ensure their success. This is not a haphazard process. We take the time to look at several types of student data, including achievement and social/emotional aspects of each child. As adults, our kids will be required to function in a variety of settings, with a variety of people. This is one reason that we do not take requests for teachers at Magnet Cove Elementary and do not change student classroom placements once classes have been assigned. As students drop and enroll over the next week, we will work to keep these lists up-to-date, but will not be changing the placement of students who are currently enrolled. Every teacher at Magnet Cove Elementary is highly qualified as an educator and is here to ensure that they meet the needs of every student under their care each day in our school. We are very excited that in just one week, we will get to see the smiling faces of our students! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and we hope to see you at Open House on Thursday, August 9, 2018 from 5-7 pm.

      -Mrs. McCutcheon and The MC Elementary Faculty/Staff

                1st Grade Class Lists                                            2nd Grade Class Lists

                3rd Grade Class Lists                                             4th Grade Class Lists




 supply list    Elementary PPO will be providing school supplies for grades K-4th except for a backpack!  Thank you PPO!!   

                    Middle School Supply List      High School Students will receive their lists from each teacher at Open House.   

When doing that back-to-school shopping, remember our dress code! 
Per the MC Handbook:


Dress and appearance must not present health and safety hazards or cause disruption of the education process.  Personal appearance or attire of pupils, which creates disturbance or commotion within the school, is a detriment to the program of study and will not be tolerated and shall cause disciplinary action to be taken.   A student will not be permitted to attend class with inappropriate apparel (Dress code for homecoming and prom will be addressed by the class sponsors).   When there is a question concerning the possibility of a dress code violation, staff members and/or teachers will privately” (never in the presence of a student) notify the building principal, or his/her designee, either in person or via email.  The building principal, or his/her designee, will make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of a student’s apparel.

    Consequences for violation of dress code will be:       Minimum - Change clothes                   Maximum – Suspension

           PROHIBITED items of apparel include, but are not necessarily limited, to the following:

1.       Any garment cut away or so loose fitting that all or part of the chest, sides, thighs, underwear or back is exposed.  No sagging or breast exposed  (Act 835 of the 2011 Legislative Session);

2.       Any garment composed of see-through material; 

3.       Garments that reveal the midriff (shirts must be long enough to tuck in). Any exposure of the midriff when arms are raised above the head is unacceptable, and the student will have to change to a t-shirt provided by the school;

4.       Tank-tops or any sleeveless shirt without seams  (No cut off T-shirts);

5.       Skirts, or dresses, which rise higher than the width of a dollar bill from the top of the knee (approximately 2 ½ inches). Cuts or holes in apparel which administration deems inappropriate are prohibited; 

6.       Shorts with inseams (inside seam) shorter than 5 inches and spandex shorts; (soffee, running or track type shorts will be allowed as long as the administration deems appropriate)

7.       Garments with inappropriate slogans or pictures such as alcohol or tobacco advertisements (either direct or implied) or slogans of a controversial or provoking nature;

8.       Caps, hats, hoodies or any other garment worn on the head within the building;

9.       Sunglasses within the building;

10.    Spandex leggings or pants are prohibited (unless additional clothing covers appropriate areas);

11.       Gang related apparel. 

12.       Facial jewelry, including tongue piercing;

13.       Unnatural hair colors which causes a distraction;       

14.       Trench coats, house shoes, pajamas, pillows and blankets; Shoes are required at all times.

15.       Hair length must not cover the eyes;

16.       Headphones or other listening devices;

17.       A student shall not wear or display emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols if the message is intended to mock, ridicule, or otherwise demean or provoke others because of race, religion, national origin, or other individual views;

18.       Any garment or symbol deemed as a distraction to the educational environment by school personnel will be considered inappropriate.



















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