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To all Magnet Cove School District Patrons,

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and Thank You!  We are very thankful and grateful to all of our patrons who showed their support for our schools through their                                                                                         actions on September 10th. Our elementary students will benefit greatly by being in a new building with all its modern and enhanced student safety features, technology,                                                                                      equipment, nuances, and functionalities that a new building provides. Also, our middle school students will benefit too. The new elementary school will connect to our middle                                                                                                school which will allow our students in grades 5-8 to have access to a cafeteria, media center, music and art classes, occupational, physical, and speech therapy, as well as                                                                                           participating in physical education activities without ever having to go outside.  

                                                                                                kids thanking

basketballDo you have a 3rd – 6th grade boy or girl interested in PeeWee Basketball?  Please follow this link to register   Paper copies can also be found in the office.  Pleae fill out ASAP!  





Information on the new Elementary

new building info         bus poster

new building 2


If your child is 11 or over you can now get them immunized at pharmacy’s now without a doctors order. School requires students to get the Meningitis and Tetanus vaccine at age 11 and 2nd dose of Meningitis vaccine at age 16. Please make sure you get these done prior to the first day of school and please bring me a copy at Open House. Also, Diabetic Care Plan, Asthma Action Plan and Allergy Action Plan for food or anything else they are allergic to. If your child is an athlete they will not be allowed to practice or play in games until we have the appropriate plan on file. I can give you a copy of the one I have at open house or your child’s physician can fax me a plan at 229-1555.              Thank you, Nurse Shawn

When making transportation changes, please email the school sectretaries: 

Elementary:  Stacey Bailey 

Middle School:  Meshele Long

High School:   Becky Davidson




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