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Walk, no run, to your computers and order your 2019 yearbooks. The February Friends discount will be over on Feb. 28 and the cost will go up. Visit #15910 and order your yearbook NOW.


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Please remember, if a student is throwing up or has a fever they can NOT return to school until they have been not throwing up or fever free (without meds) for 24 hours.              flu clipart

As you all know we are entering flu season. Here is a list of typical flu symptoms: Fatigue, Fever typically 101 to 103, Cough, Sore Throat, Chills, Body/Head aches, and even stomach problems. 

If your student is diagnosed with the flu, please let the nurse know asap and go by the school policy as to when your student can return to school.

Thank You!


When making transportation changes, please email the school sectretaries: 

Elementary:  Stacey Bailey 

Middle School:  Meshele Long

High School:   Becky Davidson




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