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Magnet Cove High School Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Magnet Cove High School

Counselor Center

The Magnet Cove School District Counseling Program follows the principles set in the ASCA National Model and the Arkansas Model. Counselors use programs and services to ensure that all students can achieve school success in the domains of academic, career, and personal/social development. 

The mission of the Magnet Cove High School counseling and guidance program is to prepare every student socially, academically, and emotionally for present and future challenges. The vision is to provide students opportunities and support to gain an understanding of self and others, to participate in educational and occupational exploration, and to pursue career-planning opportunities in a safe, caring environment. The counselors work in collaborative partnerships with students, educators, parents, and community members to empower students to reach their highest level as productive members of society.
     The counseling and guidance program is based on the following tenets:
  • Every student has the right to experience respect and dignity as a human being and to benefit from counseling and guidance services.
  • Every student has the right to participate in activities that promote self-direction and self-development.
  • Every student has the right to make choices and accept responsibility for these choices.                                                     



ATTENTION SENIORS: Local Scholarship Packet Due Date has been extened to the Friday after school reopens. As new information is presented we will keep you posted about any changes to this new extention. 

AMI DAYS: 03/16-04/17

CAPS Conferences 10 AM-6 PM 04/03/20 will be rescheduled for a later date

New Student Enrollment at MCHS 

Parents and students moving into the attendance zone of the Magnet Cove School System may come to register during school hours and/or call 501-337-5468 for information and/or questions. The following information is required to register:

-- Proof of Residence (Must have a lease or utility bill)
-- Copy of Social Security Card (Must know student's social security number to enroll)
-- Copy of Birth Certificate
-- Immunization Records
-- Previous school information (will be requested by the registrar from previous district of attendance)


Update 04/01/2020




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Carrie Smith

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