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Isolation & Quarantine

Identifying Students on campus who need to quarantine due to probable close contact with a positive covid case.

When information is received that a student has been exposed to a positive covid case.

Step 1- Collect detailed information regarding last date of contact with positive individual. Information as to when symptoms started for positive case and date of positive test.

Step 2- Remove probable close contact from classroom, notify parent if they were not the person informing you of said contact. (DETERMINING CLOSE PROBABLE CONTACT is done by interviewing positive case, probable close contacts and watching cameras and interviewing teachers, bus drivers and other staff when needed.

Step 3- Fill out paperwork with the following information to mail to parent.

  1. Date
  2. Student Name
  3. Date of last contact with positive case
  4. 10-day quarantine start date
  5. Date student may return to campus
  6. Last date student on campus
  7. Day 5 date student may be tested for 7 day return
  8. Date student may return if tested on day 5 and negative
  9. Student or parent must provide copy of negative test before student will be permitted to return.
  10. If the positive person lives in the household and is unable to completely isolate from probable close contact the 5 day test will not be accepted.
  11. 5 day test must be administered at an official covid testing site. Home test will not be accepted.
  12. No contact tracing is needed unless probable close contact is symptomatic or test positive within 48 hours of last date on campus.


Identifying student/employee who need to isolate.

Step 1- Collect detail information regarding positive student or staff

Step 2- Send student or employee home if on campus after contacting parent/guardian (for students)

Step 3- Contact trace if student or employee has been on campus 48 hours prior to positive test or symptoms.  

Step 4- Send home anyone who has been within 6 feet of positive person without a mask on from either party for more than 15 cumulative minutes in a 24 hour period. If both parties have worn mask the entire time the close contact will not be sent home unless symptomatic. Parents will be notified of this information so they can be watching for symptoms.

 Step 5- Fill out the following information and report to Arkansas Dept. of Health Positive case.

  1. Date
  2. Student/Staff Name and date of birth
  3. Parent/Guardian Name
  4. Address
  5. Phone number
  6. Email address
  7. County
  8. Test Date
  9. Testing location
  10. Results
  11. Type of test
  12. Date of symptoms
  13. Date of positive test
  14. Last date on campus or school function
  15. Probable Close Contact List with address and phone number

Student/Employee become symptomatic at school with or without both covid shots.

Step 1-Nursing evaluation as to symptoms and if running fever

Step 2- Call parent/guardian (if student) to report student is symptomatic and per Arkansas Dept. of Health guidelines must have a covid test at an official covid testing facility. Home test are not accepted.

Step 3- If their test is negative, a copy of the negative test must be presented to the school district prior to student returning. If the test is positive we will need a copy of that as well. 

Step  4- If their test is positive, we will need a copy of positive test and  we will do contacting tracing from 48 hours prior to  onset of symptoms.