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MCSD's Communicable Disease Plan

The Magnet Cove School Board has approved a Communicable Disease Plan that is to be effective on the first day of school.  It requires that masks be worn indoors when social distancing is not possible for all persons who are present on school campuses.  This mask mandate applies to all Magnet Cove School District employees, students, visitors, and any others who are present on school campuses or at indoor school events.

We consulted with local physcians, pastors, and patrons of our community before reaching this decision and sent out a survey in which 50% of the respondents were in favor of some type of mask mandate.  Please know this mask mandate decision was made with a heavy heart.  But knowing that students wearing masks will not have to quarantine who come in close contact with a Covid-19 positive person whom is also wearing a mask makes this a logical choice at this point in time.

However, we will review all pandemic data on a monthly basis and the mask mandate will be rescinded if the data supports it.