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Senior ad form

Magnet Cove Lodestone

SENIOR AD PAGE Please fill out one form for every senior “ ad”

Senior Name: 

 Ad size:

Senior hobbies, sports or activities (for background ideas) or enclose a photograph for the background.

Wording---sentiment, scripture, poem, letter---(Less wording creates a prettier page. Try to send about 150-200 characters and spaces). Give the “title name” for the page (example: “Laurel”, “Laurel Ann” or “Laurel Henderson”)- Write below or attach a separate page.



List the enclosed pictures (a maximum of 11 pictures will be used for a full page ad). Please designate if you would like a particular photo to be the background.





Person(s) requesting ad: Contact phone number:

If you would like your pictures to be returned, please include a contact person at the school or $3 for postage. Thank you.