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Special Education Department

Thank you for visiting the Magnet Cove School District's Special Education website.  If you have questions that are not answered on our site, please contact our office at (501)332-5468.

The Magnet Cove School District is committed to locating, identifying and evaluating students with exceptionalities. If you suspect that your child has a disability, please reach out to the special education office at 501-332-5468

  Child Find Information

Child Find is a component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) that requires states to identify, locate, and evaluate all children with disabilities aged birth to 21, who are in need of early intervention or special education services.

Child Find is an ongoing cooperative effort that involves state and local education agencies, parents, the community, professionals, related organizations, and private schools.

IDEA requires all states to have a "comprehensive Child Find system" to assure that all children who are in need of early intervention or special education services are located, identified, and referred.

In Arkansas, the lead agency for Part C of IDEA Early Intervention Program (children birth to 3 years) is the Arkansas Department of Human Services. The lead agency for Part B/619 (children ages 3-21 years), is the Arkansas Department of Education.

If you have concerns about your child's developmental or academic development, we may be able to help. Contact your school's building principal or the special education office for more information.

Destruction of Records

Special education records are maintained in a locked location for 6 years after students graduate or leave the district. A notice is then posted and these records are destroyed in a confidential manner. Records are available to the student or parent (if the student is under 18) by request. Call the special education office at 501-332-5468, to request.

Legal Notice

Magnet Cove School District

Notice is hereby given that on August 2, 2021, the Magnet Cove School District intends to destroy all special education records for students who have graduated, moved, dropped, been dismissed, or found ineligible for services either during or prior to 2015. In accordance with Federal and State laws, special education records are maintained for six years after the student exits the district’s special education program. These records are not your child’s permanent records. They are only special education due process forms and records. The purpose of this destruction is to protect the student from improper and unauthorized disclosure of confidential information contained within the file. Parents of these children or the child himself, providing he/she has reached age 18, have the right to review and/request a copy of this data. These records will be available for review during school hours until July 30, 2021 at 472 Magnet School Rd., Malvern, AR 72104. If you have any questions regarding this notice you may contact Whitney McCutcheon, Special Education Supervisor, at 501-332-5468 or