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AMI Info & Assignments

Magnet​ ​Cove​ ​School​ ​District’s​ ​AMI​ ​Plan

We are excited to share with you that the Magnet Cove School District has been granted approval to offer “Alternate Methods of Instruction” (AMI) days during the 2019-20 school year. This plan will allow the opportunity for all Magnet Cove students to be engaged in meaningful learning on inclement weather days when conditions prevent school from being in session. This will enable us to not have to make up the day at the end of the year

What are alternate methods of instruction? Alternate methods of instruction simply allows for the continuation of learning when students miss days of regular instruction. Students will have the opportunity for skill reinforcement, remediation, and enrichment through electronic or conventional paper lessons. The Arkansas Department of Education has granted Magnet Cove five (5) AMI days this school year, on which students will be expected to continue learning at home.

How will AMI days work? Middle school and high school students with Internet access will be able to complete work electronically from home using technology. Middle school and high school will send packets and make all appropriate accommodations for students who do not have Internet access at home. Elementary students will complete packets of work designed by their teacher to extend learning at home. Each school’s AMI plan will be tailored to their particular students. A packet will be sent home for possile AMI days at the fall Parent/Teacher Conference. the work in this packet is only to be completed and returned to school IF the district implements an AMI day.  The packet has 5 sections, one for each AMI day.  The packet will be due within 5 days of returning to school from the AMI day.  Student’s will receive credit for the work completed in their packets.  Please pay close attention to the directions listed of the front of your child’s AMI packet to ensure you understand  which pages to complete for each day.If we only miss 1 day, your child will not be responsible for all the work in their packet, only one day’s work.  IF YOUR CHILD’S AMI WORK IS NOT RETURNED WITHIN 5 DAYS, THE STUDENT RECEIVES AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE FRO THE WORK FOR EACH DAY NOT COMPLETED.  PARENTS CANNOT WRITE A NOTE TO EXCUSE AN AMI UNEXCUSED ABSENCE!

 We recognize and anticipate that we will learn lessons along the way but we will make necessary adjustments to improve our AMI plan to best meet the needs of our students. We welcome your feedback and invite you to share information with us about how it is working for your family. If you have any questions, please email or visit with your child’s principal. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we strive to provide your child with learning opportunities.




AMI Student Work:

AMI work will now be designated by dates instead of the days.  New work will be on the top of the list with older packets towards the bottom.

Paper copies of the AMI work can be picked up at the high school under the awning from 7:00-3:00 pm.  New packets for the following week will be ready for pickup by Friday 8:30 am.  All work can be turned in at the high school, there is a box under the awning available all hours.  

Please watch the following video for more information/directions for the new PBS AMI days – Mrs Bennett AMI/PBS Video

Elementary AMI Instructions/Arkansas PBS Information Sheet

WEEK 8 – MAY 11 – 15                  

                       K - 2nd grade               3rd & 4th grade               5th grade                 6th grade                     7th grade                     8th grade


WEEK 7 – MAY 4 – 8                           

                        K - 2nd grade               3rd & 4th grade               5th grade                 6th grade                     7th grade                     8th grade


Week 6 – APRIL 27- MAY 1

Pre K                 K - 2nd grade               3rd & 4th grade               5th grade                 6th grade                     7th grade                     8th grade


Week 5 – APRIL 20-24

 Pre K              K - 2nd grade                  3rd & 4th grade                5th grade                  6th grade                   7th grade                  8th grade


Week 4 – APRIL 13-17

 K - 2nd grade                       Well’s K Class                       3rd & 4th grade                      Elementary Phonemic Awareness Practice                   5th grade                              6th grade                             7th grade                             8th grade   


Week 3 – APRIL 6-10

 K - 2nd grade                    3rd & 4th grade                    5th grade                 6th grade                        7th grade                               8th grade   


     Week 1 (Day 1-5) and Week 2 (Day 6-10)   


Kindergarten AMI Packet  – Day 1-5             Jones Kindergarten AMI Packet 2 – Day 6-10                Wells Kindergarten AMI Packet 2 – Day 6-10                  

1st Grade AMI Packet – Day 1-5                      1st Grade AMI Packet 2 – Day 6-10

2nd Grade AMI Packet – Day 1 –5                    2nd Grade AMI Packet 2 – Day 6-10                                                 

 3rd Grade AMI PacketDay 1-5                    3rd Grade AMI Packet 2 – Day 6-10                                               

4th Grade AMI Packet  – Day 1 -5                   4th Grade AMI Packet 2 – Day 6-7                                       4th Grade AMI Packet 3 – Day 8-10

5th Grade AMI Packet – Day 1-3                         5th Grade AMI Packet 2 – Day 4-5                                      5th Grade AMI Packet 3Day 6-10

Mrs Eskola’s 1st Period Class – Day 1-5            Mrs Eskola’s 1st Period Class – Day 6-10      

6th Grade AMI Packet – Day 1-3      6th Grade AMI Packet 2 – Day 4-5       6th Grade AMI Packet A      6th Grade AMI Packet B A & B = Day 6-10                  

 7th Grade AMI Packet – Day 1-3      7th Grade AMI Packet 2 – Day 4-5      7th Grade AMI Packet A      7th Grade AMI Packet B A & B = Day 6-10   

8th Grade AMI Packet – Day 1-3       8th Grade AMI Packet 2 – Day 4-5      8th Grade AMI Packet A      8th Grade AMI Packet B A & B = Day 6-10


AMI work for Mrs Polk, Mrs Hasley and Mrs Mabry’s students was sent home with students.  If you have any questions please email them directly.



*If your teacher is not listed please go to their Google Classroom, webpage or email them for more info.