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Daily Schedule

Magnet Cove GT Enrichment

& Pull-Out Schedule


 Angie Whitley

  • This is a basic outline of my main classes ONLY and do not reflect my entire day! 


8:05-8:55          3rd Grade Pull Out

9:00-9:30         Mrs. Jones, Kindergarten Enrichment 

10:20-11:10     3rd Grade Pull Out

11:45-12:15     Mrs. Wells, Kindergarten Enrichment

1:15- 2:30        6th Grade Pull Out



8:05-8:55         5th Grade GT Pull Out

9:45-10:15       Mrs. Witcher, Second Grade Enrichment

10:40-11:30     5th Grade Pull Out

11:45-12:15      Mrs. Carmikle, Kindergarten Enrichment




8:00-8:50          4th Grade GT Pull Out

9:30-10:00       Mrs. McLaughlin, First Grade Enrichment

10:30-11:10      4th Grade GT Pull Out

1:15-2:30         6th Grade GT Pull Out


8:05-8:55        3rd Grade Pull Out

9:30-10:00       Mrs. Rector, Second Grade Enrichment

10:40-11:30    5th Grade GT Pull Out

11:30-12:00    MOSS  First Grade Enrichment

12:20-1:10        4th Grade Gt Pull Out



Virtual Friday: Assist with Kids on Campus, Prepare Lessons/Vidoes for Virtual/Blended Students for the upcoming week

Angie Whitley

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